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Via M. Piccini, 16 - 33050 Rivignano (UD)
Telephone: +39 0432 773210 - Fax: +39 0432 773133
Email: info@steelformitalia.itCertified e-mail:
VAT Number:   - Number of Business Registry:  189687
When did you start:  1990
Business Type: Mechanics - Electromechanics
  • Enregistered in the Manufacture Register
  • This business has premises in other areas
  • Marco Odorico (Business office)
Number of Employees: 50 - Number of Workers: 45
Business Production:
Steelform s.r.l. operates in the manufacture of stainless steel components for the food industry and for the household appliances industry.The manufacturing technologies include stamping, punching, rolling,hydroforming, polishing, etc., carried out mostly with home developed and build special machinery.A special production line for stainless steel pipes enables Steelform to supply pipes with special diameters, shapes and thiknesses on the base of special requirements of the customers and in small volumes.The Company is the European leader in stainless steel legs and feet for food processing machinery and household appliances, with a production volume of more than 2.000.000 pieces per year, custom made to customersdesign and specifications.
Production Scale: Medium series, Big series
Delocalization of particular manufacturing processes? Yes, as occasion may require
This business is looking for suppliers for its delocalized production
Market sector: High
On the latest year turnover:
  • Selling Rates in Italy 90%
  • Selling Rates Abroad 10%
This business is a direct exporter
Average of Customers per Year: 50 and more
Main Customers: Big businesses or groups, Small and medium concerns
Turnover percentage with main customer: 20% - 49%
Direct Supplying Abroad
Organized Interaction with Buyers: on the close order, on the open order, on the schedule
Quality Checking
Controls Checking: Incoming inspections, On purchased materials, On finished products
On the production this business does: Dimensional controls
Employment of certified materials? Almost every time
This business uses the following technologies: Traditional machinery, Numerical controlled machines

This business does design activity
This business employs CAD software
This business works with consultants for its design activities

Machining without chip-forming
  • Blanking, punching
  • Flattening, rolling, bending
  • Folding, edging and bordering
  • Bending
Chip-forming machining
  • Boring, tapping, reaming, marking off
  • Milling
  • Turning
  • Physical and/or chemical operations
  • Cutting, deburring
  • Welding, brazing
  • Mechanical deformation
  • Subassembled units
Subcontracted products
  • Household appliances components
  • Stainless Steel parts for heavy duty kitchen appliances (Ovens, Sinks, Dishwashers)
  • Metal furniture parts
  • Fully assembled subassemblies
  • Householsd appliances metal parts
  • Stainless steel products
  • Heavy duty kitchen parts
  • Different types of complex assemblies
Boiler works and pipings
  • Heat exchangers
Mechanical parts and assemblies
  • Metal and misc. Materials Assemblies
Other Areas
  • Furniture
  • Household objects
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