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Via dei Longobardi 25 - 33080 San Quirino (PN)
Telephone: +39 0434 919488-919 - Fax: +39 0434 919450
VAT Number:   - Number of Business Registry:  78419
When did you start:  1990
Business Type: Mechanics - Electromechanics
  • Enregistered in the Manufacture Register
  • Annamaria Feltrin (Business office)
Number of Employees: 16 - Number of Workers: 12
Business Production:
Compass produces turned and milling mechanical parts, which are used in following industries: textile, electronic, electromechanical, medical, aeronautical, chemical, research, renewable energy, food, design and furniture and other general mechanical enterprises. The high flexibility allows the production of batches from 50 to 10’000 pieces, including the development of prototypes and samples and the supplying of assembled and controlled mechanical groups. All pieces are manufactured according to the specification of the customer and using any material. If requested, the pieces can be delivered with heat and surface treatments, which are processed by external certificated contractors.
Production Scale: Unique examples, Small series, Medium series
Delocalization of particular manufacturing processes? Yes, as occasion may require
This business is looking for suppliers for its delocalized production
Market sector: Medium-High, High
On the latest year turnover:
  • Selling Rates in Italy 70%
  • Selling Rates Abroad 30%
This business is a direct exporter
Average of Customers per Year: 50 and more
Main Customers: Big businesses or groups, Small and medium concerns
Turnover percentage with main customer: < 20%
Direct Supplying Abroad
Organized Interaction with Buyers: on the close order, on the open order, on the schedule
Quality Checking
Controls Checking: Incoming inspections, On purchased materials, On subcontracted works, On intermediate processing steps, On finished products
On the production this business does: Dimensional controls, Functional controls
Employment of certified materials? Almost every time
Quality Rules Employment
Certified Quality System - Certifying Authority: DNV
This business is standardized by the his buyers
Certified System/Production - Certifying Standard: UNI-EN-ISO 9001
Employment of Buyers' Standard - According to Compliance Standard: UNI-EN-ISO 9001
This business uses the following technologies: Traditional machinery, Numerical controlled machines, Manufacturing premises, A specific software program monitors the progress of fabrication and allows to define the production needs and to quickly arrange the timely delivery of new orders.

This business employs CAD software
This business works with consultants for its design activities
  • Works on patents belonging to others

This business has translated documents - Languages: English, German, French
  • Materials - aluminum, magnesium
  • Miscellaneous materials
Chip-forming machining
  • Boring, tapping, reaming, marking off
  • Milling
  • Turning
  • Cutting, deburring
Other Areas
  • Aircraft & Space industry
  • Automation & industrial electronics
  • Food processing
  • Medical and hospital appliances and equipments
  • Electric energy
  • Food processing machines and installations
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