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Via E. Fermi, 2 - Z.I. - 34071 Cormons (GO)
Telephone: +39 0481 630430 - Fax: +39 0481 630595
VAT Number:  00427810312 - Number of Business Registry:  GO51591
When did you start:  1989
Business Type: Wood
  • Petrussa Giorgio (Business office)
  • Spinello Alessia (Administration offices)
  • Spinello Matteo (Technical division)
  • Spinello Giovanni (Head of the office)
  • Petrussa Giorgio (Sales department)
Number of Employees: 9 - Number of Workers: 6
Business Production:
Planning, design and optimization of the production is made in the course of the commission that bent plywood of various natural oils and multilayered, with particular attention to the environment.
Production Scale: Unique examples, Small series, Medium series
Delocalization of particular manufacturing processes? No
Market sector: Medium-High, High
On the latest year turnover:
  • Selling Rates in Italy 90%
  • Selling Rates Abroad 10%
Selling Distribution Abroad:
  • Slovenia 2%
  • Russia 1%
  • Francia 1.5%
  • Spagna 1.5%
This business is a direct exporter
Average of Customers per Year: 50 and more
Main Customers: Small and medium concerns
Turnover percentage with main customer: < 20%
Direct Supplying Abroad
Organized Interaction with Buyers: on the close order
Current Business Customers:
  • Midj S.r.l.
  • LAS Sedute S.r.l.
  • Moroso
  • Cascina
Quality Checking
Controls Checking: On purchased materials, On finished products
On the production this business does: Dimensional controls, Functional controls
Employment of certified materials? Never or rarely
This business is standardized by the following buyers: Las - Cascina - Moroso
This business uses the following technologies: Numerical controlled machines, Manufacturing premises, Flexible manufacturing system, Computer aided engineering, Advanced selection of raw materials, storage compiuterizzato load optimization and order management.

This business does design activity  - Designers: 2
This business employs CAD software
This business works with consultants for its design activities
  • Works on patents belonging to others
  • Developed or accomplished particular technologies

Secondary processes
  • Glueing
  • Pressing
  • Polishing
  • Bending
  • Contouring
  • Polishing
  • Milling
  • Drilling
  • Polishing
Glueing of
  • Double wall boards
  • Natural veneer
  • Board covering
Facing with
  • Sliced veneer
  • Plastic sheet
  • PVC board
  • Impregnated decorative paper
Wood board production process
  • Raw chipboard
  • Veneered chipboard
  • Playwood board
  • Medium-density chipboard
Wood parts
  • Semi-manufactured wood parts
Subcontracted products
  • Chairbacks, curved frames
  • Semi-manufactured parts for chairs and misc. Furniture
  • Bent wood parts
  • Semi-manufactured wood parts
  • Parts for custom furnishing
  • Couches
  • Chair parts
  • Accessory items for interior fittings
  • Chair, table, furniture and door parts
  • Carved solid wood frames
  • Semi-manufactured wood parts, produced with CNC-pantographs
  • Chairbacks
  • Seats
  • Body elements
  • Arm rests
  • Chair backs of beech and spruce plywood
  • Chair and armchair parts
  • Assembling benches (2)
  • Calibrating machines (2)
  • Moulding machines - with carousel (2)
  • Boring machines - multiple-spindle (4)
  • CNC boring machines - “point to point”
  • High frequency generators (3)
  • Edge lipping and bonding machines (3)
  • Copying machines
  • CNC routing machines (5)
  • Presses - electronic (6)
  • Presses - hot surface (3)
  • CNC machining centres (5)
Furniture - decorating
  • Miscellaneous furnishing
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