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MP S.r.l.

Via IV Novembre, 30 - 33080 Roveredo In Piano (PN)
Telephone: +39 0434 949028 - Fax: +39 0434 949643
Email: mo@metalprecision.itCertified e-mail:
VAT Number:  00398550939 - Number of Business Registry:  PN-45635
When did you start:  1988
Business Type: Mechanics - Electromechanics
  • Annalisa Mio (Administration offices)
  • Mio Diego (Business office)
  • Stefano Antoniol (Business office)
Number of Employees: 13 - Number of Workers: 9
Business Production:
MP srl works in the cold metal-working field and is specialized in the cold forming of metals from the client's direct specifications for the following divisions, electrical, electrical appliances, automotive, mechanical, sportive, furniture and also carries out light carpentry work.
Production Scale: Small series, Medium series
Delocalization of particular manufacturing processes? No
Market sector: Medium-High
On the latest year turnover:
  • Selling Rates in Italy 30%
  • Selling Rates Abroad 70%
Selling Distribution Abroad:
  • POLONIA 12%
  • AUSTRIA 30%
  • GERMANIA 25%
  • ALTRI 3%
This business is a direct exporter
Average of Customers per Year: 20-49
Main Customers: Big businesses or groups
Turnover percentage with main customer: 20% - 49%
Direct Supplying Abroad
Organized Interaction with Buyers: on the close order, on the open order
Quality Checking
Controls Checking: Incoming inspections, On purchased materials, On subcontracted works, On intermediate processing steps, On finished products
On the production this business does: Dimensional controls, Functional controls
Employment of certified materials? Always
Quality Rules Employment
Certified Quality System - Certifying Authority: CSI SPA
Employment of Buyers' Standard
This business uses the following technologies: Traditional machinery, Manufacturing premises, Barcode

This business works with consultants for its design activities
  • Developed or accomplished particular technologies

This business has translated documents - Languages: English, German
Machining without chip-forming
  • Forming
Chip-forming machining
  • Boring, tapping, reaming, marking off
  • Subassembled units
Subcontracted products
  • Heat sinks for electronic applications
  • Clamps for the automotive industry
  • Miscellaneous pipe fitting parts
Sheet metal and wire products, springs
  • Sheet metal parts
  • Assembled sheet metal parts
Subcontracted products
  • Custom metal items
  • Cutting of small metal items
  • Miscellaneous flanges
  • Automatic feeding devices
  • Eccentric presses
  • Production-specific equipment
  • Assembling benches
  • Spot-welders
  • Forming machines
Other Areas
  • Agricultural machines
  • Automotive industry
  • Furniture
  • White household appliances
  • Consumer electronics (TV, stereo, etc)
  • Telephones, telecommunication
  • Other production branches
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